Friday, April 8, 2011

Hippty Hoppity Easter's on its way!

Do you remember being a child and know that the Easter Bunny was on his way? The Easter Bunny, unlike Santa, brings Easter eggs and candy..even if you are bad or good. He's a Tricky little fellow who hides eggs all over the house and maybe gives a toy or two.

Remember running down the stairs to find a basket full of goodies?  Before having breakfast, you tried eating as many as you could.....before your parents told you to stop because you would 'make yourself sick...'

Then if the Easter basket full of candy wasn't enough! That silly Easter bunny had hidden eggs all over the house or even outside.

I remember those days. But now that I am older it seems to me that yes, Easter for the kids are still about the Easter Bunny, the candy and the beloved Egg hunt. But for me its about.... going to church with your family . Teaching my boys the 'true' meaning of Easter. A value that will live on forever.......

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Pepper said...

My daughter and I are looking forward to Easter too :)
Visiting you here from the YLM blog hop.