Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Prince Charles and Princess Di vs Prince William and Kate?

Ok this is grinding my gears! Its all over the media..I'm sure you've seen it? Which couple is better Charles and Di or William and Kate? I've even seen Di vs Kate.
This upsets me..because who are we to judge William's relationship with Kate because of what happened with his parents.
Nobody really knows what happened between Charles and Di...except for them. And chances are we will never know. And that's the way its supposed to be. Who are we as society to judge them at all? No relationship is perfect in every way. But when you take high profile people and splash their personal life all over the media. Its not right. Unlike, the actors and actresses, who worked so hard to become what they are. And knew what they were getting into and chose that kind of life. The Royals,and even the Kennedy's('the American version of the Royals') They didn't choose that life. Charles and William were born into that life. They had no choice. You are high profile from the moment you are conceived. What a life, right?
Princess Di and the future Princess Kate, yes I guess you can say they chose it. Some say that Di married Charles for the 'marriage of convenience' or better known as a 'political marriage'. Again, no one knows why they married. It was what it was.
The marriage happened to produce two wonderful boys, in which, the line will continue. And with that, Di, did whatever she could for her sons. Even if she was unhappy in her marriage. She stayed with it for as long as she could. I feel that yes it probably was a marriage of convenience, but at some point, maybe in the beginning they did love each other. At the end, probably not so much.
As for Kate, I think that she really in love with William. And William her too. The whole world is holding their breath for this wedding. In hopes that, It will last.
But judging, Will and Kate's marriage based on his parents marriage, is like judging my marriage with my husband. We have been married for 16 1/2 years....but together for over 20 years now. Where as my parents were together for maybe 3.

As for the Kate vs. Di thing..Which is the better Princess? Come on. Its like judging Princess Di to Princess Grace of Monaco. You can't do it. Well, You could. But how unfair is it? Different time, different ways.
I remember my mother always saying when she was a little girl she wanted to be Princess Grace, when she grew up. I wanted to be Princess Di, when I grew up. And My little 10 year old Niece..wants to have a 'Cupcake and Tiara' party on Saturday.
I want to say a Princess is a Princess...but again comparing them just because they have the title. Doesn't mean anything.

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