Thursday, April 7, 2011

Treasured memories

                                   My boys and I

Sweet memories! Something to always remember! My oldest son will be 14 on Monday. And I'm wondering what happend to my baby? He's taller than I am, still growing like a weed. He's starting to make plans of what he wants to do when he's out of school. And as hard as I try, I can't believe he's as old as he is, that one day he will move away. Kinda makes me sad. He asked me one day 'Mom, What are you going to do if I decide to go into the Air Force?' I laughed and said "Follow you..I will join too!' He said 'Mom, but the cut off is like 35 and you will be 36 ...' I cut him off and said 'I know Frank. You know what will really happen? No, matter what you decide to do..military or not. I will always be proud of you and I will always love you.' He smiled and said 'I know mom!'

I try to tell my boys that every day. No matter what you do, no matter how you decide to live your life. Know that your parents will always love you and be proud of you. In a lot of families, children do not hear that.  
I hope when you read this, you will find your child. And tell him/her that you do love them. Tell them everyday. Because they may already know...but sometimes they need to hear it.
Until next time keep smiling !

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