Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Silly brothers...

So I made cupcakes today...and proceeded to give them one a piece. Then I went upstairs and I hear Joshy,3, talking to Dusty, 12.

Joshy: 'Dusty! Dusty! DUS-TY!'
Dusty: "Yes, Joshua?'
Joshy: 'Will you please give me another cupcake?'
Dusty: 'Shouldn't we ask Mommy?'
Joshy: 'Nope, if she gets mad..we will blame Ti-Kie(Frankie)..but she won't get mad!'
Dusty :'Ok, do you want Cream cheese on it?'
Joshy:' Dusty it's not's Ice cream!'
Dusty: 'Ok, so do you want Ice cream on it?'
Joshy: ' love you Dusty!'
Dusty: 'I love you too Joshy!'

Now what mother after hearing that would get mad?

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