Thursday, April 7, 2011

The mother's how come list.....

How come everytime I turn on the hair dryer or the vacuum I hear the phone ring?

How come whenever I am in a rush I get stuck behind someone driving 20mph?

How come I can never find my children but as soon as I am on the phone they are either crying, fighting, climbing all over me or asking me dozens of questions?

How come after I put my children to bed and spend an hour cleaning up I finally settle on the couch for "me time" and they either start crying or want some water?

How come every time I am late I hit every red light?

How come when i switch lanes in traffic the lane that I get into goes slower all of the sudden?

How come there is never a cop around when you see someone breaking the law but they pull YOU over for no reason at all? (routine stopping)

How come an ice cold beer goes down like water when you only have time for one, but then goes down like crushed glass when you've got all day and night to drink?

How come the only station that you want to watch on television is the station that is having technical difficulties?

How come the birds only crap on my car the same day I wash it?

How come the line i get into at the department store ends up having pricing difficulties with the people in front of me and ends up taking 15 extra minutes?

How come the government takes months to send you money they owe you but just days to send you a bill that you owe them?

How come nobody I know is online when I have time to sit and chat and EVERYONE is on when I don't have time?

How come the clothes I buy look so much better in the changing room at the store?

How come I only feel like shopping when I don't have the money to spend?

How come when I am sick I am still expected to cook supper,do the laundry, and clean. But when my husband is sick he's a baby and can't help do anything?

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