Friday, April 8, 2011


Why as women do we obsess about the way we look? I mean we diet,

we dye our hair, we poke and praude at our bodies to look almost perfect.

We put on make up to look better, starve ourselves, spend thousand on surgeries, products and basically mutilate ourselves to make us look younger.

And for what? For a man, for society in general? Or is it for ourselves? Are we so obsessed with being perfect that we will mutilate our bodies?  Whatever happened to growing old gracefully? We are watching reality shows about loosing weight. Buying into scams for weight loss programs. Women are getting their breast enlarged or maybe getting them reduced. Tummy tucks, liposuction, collagen,face lifts,laser surgery,butt implants..the list goes on and on!But if God wanted us to be perfect, wouldn't he have made us that way? We all have our faults. I don't know ,but I have never been the one to do any of the major stuff. I do not diet,I hardly ever put on makeup. I do the normal everyday stuff. I shower,brush my teeth,wash my hair. Then I pull it back in the ponytail and go on with my day.Heck, I have these large thighs, and wrinkles around my eyes, and stretch marks from having my boys. But I'm not spending loads and loads of money to look perfect and then have to redo it in five to ten years. Maybe God made us this way to show that we are not perfect. That we have fallen from grace. That we need to live our lives the in the best way to eventually be perfect. But that's another blog. I guess my question is.....Do you or would you ever have surgery to alter yourself to make you look better? Or are you happy the way you were made?


Mom Daughter Style said...

nice blog

I'm not sure yet if I will ever go for a surgery in the future but I don't do much, not much make up, no nail colors, no hair ironing or hair coloring. I guess I don't have time but I love to dress up every once in awhile.

Joyous Faces said...

Surgery is a big step to take. I think to each their own. For me though I'm nervous that what I see after the surgery won't look right. Not to mention the dangers involved. I think you can be your optimal self without surgery. Eat right, take care of your skin, and do what makes you happy. If that's a lot of makeup so be it. If it's chapstick and mascara that's great too. I personally like to dress up and be a girly girl...Not for anyone else but for myself.

Angie L., Doula said...

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