Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Family Heritage: What It means to you?

So recently, My brother and I were working on Family History. Tracing it as far back as we could go on all sides. We found it interesting that we are related to Daniel Boone, Abe Lincoln..a King of Scotland, and Hannah Dustin(also has a spelling of Hannah Duston). We also learned a lot about the old ways. For instance, we found out that our great great grandmother was married to her first cousin....when our Grandmother found out, needless to say she wasn't so pleased. She actually didn't believe us at first saying 'My grandmother wouldn't lie to us.' We responded with 'But your grandchildren would?" She bluntly said 'YES!'  So we left it at that....

When doing my Husband's family, we found it interesting, that on both sides of his father's. We couldn't find anything past his grandparents. We knew his Grandfather Roberts came from France, but looking up in the French portion of we couldn't find anything.
I asked Ray's dad, why this was? He said 'I don't know, I guess there is old family secrets he wanted to leave there.'

I almost think that the older generation, wishes the younger generations would leave it along. Yes, its very cool that your are a cousin to Abe Lincoln, and your related to Hannah Dustin..and that your the 6th Great grandchild to Daniel Boone. But we lived without knowing that why can't you?

As for the Boys, I told them..that you are related to Daniel Boone..(7th great grandchild). They immediately went to school and told their teachers. They think its awesome. :)
So I'm wondering ' Do you know anything about your family history? Or do you care?'

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