Saturday, April 9, 2011

Birth Order..does it affect your personality?

I was reading an article about the placement of children and how it affects one's personality. I found it very interesting in applying this to my own birth order and the order of my siblings. I am the youngest of five. I have one older half brother..and two older half sisters and one full blooded sister. The quotes I am using come from the page:

So looking at my brother who is the oldest. He is very stubborn, he is very smart and successful.  He has to have everything perfect. He is set in his ways...the ways we all were taught.

Alfred Adler, states that.. 'the eldest children are socially dominant, highly intellectual, and extremely conscientious. Unfortunately, they’re also less open to new ideas, and prone to perfectionism and people pleasing – the result of losing both parents’ undivided attention at an early age, and working throughout their lives to get it back.'

As for the two half sisters and my full blooded sister, they get along with everyone. If two are in a fight, the other one will be the 'peace maker'. They are very business like they are very strict with money. My eldest sister is a wonderful artist. My middle sister is very business like...very good at math. My full blooded sister..very smart. She loves to read English which the rest of us can't stand.

Adler says for middle siblings : ' Middle children, sandwiched between older and younger siblings, often develop a competitive nature – making them natural entrepreneurs later in life. They tend to be the most diplomatic and flexible members of the family and often, eager for parental praise, develop musical or academic gifts.'

And of course me..being the baby. Everyone says that I am spoiled. That if I don't get my own way..I will sit and pitch a fit until I get my way. And if you don't give me my way..I won't speak to you until you do.(I don't see that I am spoiled by my siblings, or even by my Mother..this is according to what my siblings have said)  I love my family, I love to have get bbq's and entertain. I also love to see my siblings happy. If they are unhappy, I will do everything I can to help them in anyway they need it.

Adler states about the youngest :
'Youngest children, according to birth order theory, tend to be dependent and selfish – as they’re used to others providing for them. But despite the negatives, they’re also quite often the life of the party – fun, confident, and comfortable entertaining others.'

When looking at this, I can see that all of us have these traits. My brother, being the only boy, is very spoiled. When we are all together, he will sit on the couch, and beg us to get him a sandwich. So instead of one sandwich he will get four.
All of my sisters, are very intelligent. They also have to be perfect..not only in the way they keep their houses but the way they keep themselves.  We all are very fun, very considerate of others, in daily life we try to succeed at everything we do.
So I am wondering, Do you think birth order affects your and your siblings personality? Or do you all have the same Traits..maybe one has more than the other but you both have them?
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Joyous Faces said...

Interesting subject! I don't come from a large family. However, I can see how this theory can genrally apply to people the same way the zodiac traits do. My brother is very much the "older" brother. He likes things in order and is very logical. I am the youngest and don't consider myself spoiled but do seem to get my way, although I can't remember ever having a tantrum to get it. Things just always seem to work out for me. My father on the other hand has 5 siblings and I can see fully the birth otder theory in my aunts and uncles. By the way my Dad is the oldest and still talks about having to live up to what he feels at times were unreasonable expectations from his parents because he was the oldest. Interesting!
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adds said...

But do you see that all the siblings in your dad's family have the same traits. Because with us..some of being half...I see that my Brother and my full blooded sister..(the oldest of my mom's and dad's) have the same traits. Where as My youngest half sister and I have the same traits. You see what I mean?
I will look again...

Mare said...

This topic has always intrigued me. We have 3 children in my family, I am the middle child. Although I don't see myself as competitive, I am the one who always wants to make sure there is peace and I tend to want to please everyone. My older brother was very logical and orderly. I do consider my sister spoiled but that's coming from her older sibling! Good article with a lot of thought provoking ideas.
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