Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It was 19...something

We should all remember before it was 20 something...I do. I remember it was yesterday.  I remember going to school for the first time..In 1979. I was 4 scared to death! Days when you could walk to school and your mother just let you. Not worried about you disappearing.
The 80's..Remember the Atari and the balley basic. Oh that was just the greatest. Like this song..I had the pac man pattern memorized. My mother was just happy to let me play it, and you didn't hear..go a something..besides playing those games!
Then, the 90's. The high school years. Days of skipping school to hang out with my boyfriend(my mother never knew..because I could do her signature to the 'T'.)
Fun times..I did a lot of stuff, that no I would never let my boys do. At least, I hope they never try. But do you think as parents, we have learned from our past mistakes? Sure it was fun...but do we want our kids to do what we did?  Truth be known, if my son ever skipped school. #1 the school would call me, if I didn't call him out.  Do you think our parents let us get away with stuff...being the times? Are we more protective than our parents?
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